Luncheon Club

Lunch Club on 5 days per week with regular attendance of 30 – 40 members we served a hot healthy eating meals with traditionally cooked and serve with care


Recruitment, training and development of volunteer teams to support a range of community-led activities and to ensure that local people are engaged in planning, developing, delivering and measuring all SSCC activity.

Older People’s Social and Engagement Activities

we deliver social clubs, advice & information, health workshops and facilitation of access to primary health care.

Community Development Programme

we respond to requests from service users and develop myriad activities including Somali Women’s programmes to improve inclusion, Training Programmes for personal skills e.g. ESOL & IT, and Health Activities including surgeries, intergenerational activities, cultural (music, dance, spoken word) workshops and information More than 200 local Somalis benefit through our programmes each year.

Covid-19 Response

Increase awareness and understanding of Covid 19 and the NHS Test and Trace programme: this will be achieved through:-

  • Telephone, face to face and digital information for Somali elders
  • Promotions developed for residents to increase awareness and understanding of Covid 19 and the NHS Test and Trace programme
  • Communicating Covid-19 prevention and protection messages provided by the Council
  • Tracking of the methods to ensure the message is being understood [see monitoring]
  • Ensuring all methods used communicate clear messages to ensure we achieve the outcomes e.g. translations, easy read materials and basic language to address lack of literacy and education of members of the Somali elders community
  • Specific dedicated sessions and activities to ensure inclusivity e.g. focussing on Somali women who require gender appropriateness such as female volunteers and staff working with them
  • Ensuring full accessibility e.g. venues used should be accessible and appropriate